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3D AJAX loaders (set 7)

The package of preloaders provides 12 different samples and is named as 3D loading animations. The set is developed for general use with no particular subject attached to it. Though, possible uses are as follows:

  • Love and dating related web-sites
  • St. Valentines day web-sites
  • Computer hardware web-sites
  • Security and protection related web-sites
  • Anti-virus applications
  • Construction web-sites
  • Biology and science related web-sites
  • Phones and communications related web-sites

The attached below file includes animated GIF, animated PNG, GIF in sprites, PNG in sprites images. The available in the attachment file widths are: 128px, 64px, 32px, 24px, 16px. The height of each image is proportionate to it`s original size. Below you can see the more detailed information on each image. Continue Reading